Fantasy & Historic


Hegemony 2 Theme A


Hegemony 2 Theme B


Hegemony 1 Theme A


Hegemony 1 Theme B


Hegemony Info Page: About the interactive score that I wrote for this game, along with a longer sample of the music.





Soft, gentle, and somewhat minimalist. Gradually building in intensity and complexity.



Hidden Path

Mysterious, introspective. Orchestral.


Unspoken Words

A simple, repeated theme; a gradual build in complexity.



Mellow, slightly dark, some glitchy sounds. Electronic, acoustic.


Memory Adrift

Arvo Pärt influenced chamber music (piano, viola, cello) over an electronic/glitchy ostinato.


Modern & Sci-fi


Path of Storms

Dark and intense. Orchestral and electronic.



Dark and intense. Orchestral and electronic.



Orchestral/electronic spy groove.


Critical Mass

Dramatic - building intensity. Primarily orchestral.