Hegemony: Rome Trailer.

This video uses music from the game. Here is an explanation of how this interactive soundtrack works (using examples from the first Hegemony game).








Some of my music was used in a trailer for Green Zone. (Action/thriller, directed by Paul Greengrass, starring Matt Damon).



My music was placed in Element's latest video: Make It Count. MAKE IT COUNT showcases Element’s defining moments and delves into its compelling story. From its humble beginnings, to a forward thinking global brand.



The game Hegemony: Philip of Macedon was released recently. I had to approach this project with a whole new perspective on writing music: having to think of the music as layers - to continually be added on top of each other, removed, and/or replaced seamlessly to reflect the mood of gameplay.



Older News:


I had some music picked up for use in the soundtrack of The Narrows.