Hegemony Soundtrack Clip:     


  • Start - Theme B (calm version), with all harmonic and percussive layers playing.
  • 0:17 - Theme B continues with it's next segments. A percussive layer from the next intensity level enters.
  • 1:04 - Theme B (a more intense version) starts. (Gong swell transition). Percussion stays the same (mid-intensity level). (Neighboring intensity levels are able to overlap - at this point the harmonic layers are at high intensity, while the percussion ones are at mid intensity). Only a limited number of harmonic and percussive layers are playing, giving it a more sparse sound. (Timpani & gong fill at 1:20).
  • 1:20 - One of the percussive layers (low, sparse hits) moves from mid intensity to high.
  • 1:36 - Theme B (more intense version) repeats with all harmonic layers. (Cymbal swell transition). More intense percussive layers enter.
  • 2:08 - A quick drop in intensity to just a couple of mid-intensity percussive layers. (Timpani crescendo transition and chime fill).
  • 2:24 - Percussive layers drop in intensity again. Theme A (calm version) starts.