As a composer, Dana DiAnda has always been interested in finding new ways to combine different musical styles and traditions. The diversity of his experience helps to shape the unique sound of his music. He has written traditional and interactive/adaptive soundtracks for video games; his compositions for period instruments and his transcriptions of 16th and 17th century music have been published and performed in concert; and he has performed in a variety of chamber ensembles and bands. He has also written music for film, TV, and various other media. Recently, he has been busy creating original music for film trailers.











Yes, Cannibal Island is a real place. Located on the coast of Northern California, Cannibal Island is a small land area that is separated from the mainland by a small slough (tidal river). The name came about in the 1800s when it was populated mostly by Irish immigrant farmers who apparently were very rowdy at times. The people on the mainland thought that they acted like a bunch of savages, and gave the place its nickname. Cannibal Island is located just west of the town of Loleta (near Eureka & Arcata).